Explore Spanish colonial Mission art and architecture, landmarks, and Native Californian traditions and their interpretation.


Investigate the archaeology, material cultures, and past lifeways spanning the Mission era of 1769-1821.


Identify the key historical resources and period documents produced by Spanish friars, explorers, soldiers, settlers, and native peoples.

Native Traditions

Review the antiquity of Native Californian traditions and their transformation in the wake of Spanish colonization, conversion, and culture change.

Traditional Technologies

Experience the magic of Native Californian and Spanish colonial arts, crafts, and traditional technology demonstrations.


Discover a fascinating world of educational resources, primary source documents, multimedia, and academic and community scholars.

Featured Landmarks

Featured Demonstrations

  • The Storyteller
    Ann Marie Sayers of Indian Canyon will share Ohlone and other Native Californian traditional stories....
  • The Basketweaver
    Linda Yamane will demonstrate the art and culture of a Rumsien Ohlone master basketweaver....
  • The Blacksmith
    John Grafton will forge Spanish colonial tools and ironwork using traditional technologies and methods....
  • The Chorister
    John Warren will fill the air with the sound of Mission era music performed on period instruments....

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