Ms. Jennifer Lucido

NEH Fourteenth Colony Program Coordinator, Sonoma State University Cultural Resources Management graduate student and mission studies scholar, will serve as your on-site program liaison.

Program Coordinator

Jennifer Lucido, BA, serves as the on-site events coordinator and community liaison. Jennifer Lucido is a graduate of the California State University, Monterey Bay, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences.  Specializing in California archaeology and Mission era life ways of the Monterey Bay, she is presently a graduate student in the Cultural Resources Management at Sonoma State University, and continues her studies into the archaeology of the missions and sole presidio of the Monterey Bay.

Ms. Lucido’s extensive field experience includes Missions San Juan Bautista and Soledad, as well as her current efforts with the Society for California Archaeology’s coastal survey of Marin County. She continues her analyses of collections from the Royal Presidio of Monterey, and these will serve as the highlight of an object-based workshop exercise. Jennifer’s role will be that of on-site events coordinator and community liaison, and these efforts will be coordinated with those of Jewel-Sean Gentry.