Workshop Content

Workshop 1: July 7 – 13, 2013


We seek a diverse cohort of eighty K-12 teachers to participate in this NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshop for School Teachers.  Awardees receive a $1200 stipend for their stay on the Monterey Bay, and will be afforded opportunities for professional development, collegial interaction, and access to noted scholars and fellow educators.  The program as such will consist of historic landmarks tours, art history and indigenous food and culture orientations, and lectures and discussions.

Workshop Faculty


Faculty and community scholars participating in this NEH workshop program were selected with an eye to enhancing the learning experience of participating teachers.  These same workshop facilitators are renowned scholars and craftsmen and women in their own right.  So that you might learn a bit about their many contributions in advance of the summer workshops, we include institutional and or community affiliations and contact information for your reference. Click on link for a detailed list of faculty and community scholars.


Workshop 2: July 13 – 19, 2013


Applicants are encouraged to apply for either Workshop 1 (July 7 – 13, 2013), or Workshop 2 (July 13 – 19, 2013) as their first choice. While we will attempt to honor your first choice, we may not be able to accommodate all preferences. Please note, however, that though minor differences in speakers’ schedules may distinguish Workshops 1 and  2, the Workshops are otherwise structured alike. Click on link or download PDF for detailed schedule of this week’s workshop content.

Workshop Readings


It is anticipated that the book by Alison Lake (2006) will be read in advance of the workshop, while that of McLaughlin and Mendoza (2009) will serve as a guide to each of those Landmark sites explored in the context of workshop activities. In addition, we have taken the liberty of including Recommended Readings identified with each topic and day for those participants seeking further information and exploration on topics of particular interest.  We will continue to supplement this list of recommendations based on participant interest.